Enamel & Awesome

Remember how I was telling you about the plethora of fail-tacular cards I make before I get one that I would even dare to post?

This is one of those cards.

I figured there are a lot of blogs with perfect cards, maybe I should post some that show I’m still learning and the mistakes I make. Hopefully y’all can learn from them. I know I don’t 🙂

Sadly, I was so frustrated with the first version of this card that I didn’t even take a picture of it before I cut it up. I originally stamped a plaid pattern completely covering the front of the card using a color palate that I *thought* was going to come out all nice and a little retro-ish. It ended up looking really drab and uninteresting.

I stamped a big black sentiment on it to break up the monotony… nope. That didn’t help. Then I added some stars, thinking it would add interest… even worse. That’s when the circle punch came out. I punched out the sentiment and cut off strips of the plaid stamping I hadn’t put any stars on, trashed the rest and sat there wondering what to do with the pieces.

I had some enamel dots that I have been itching to use, so I applied my usual criteria for decision-making (aka. “seemed like a good idea at the time…?”) and just went with it.


I cut a white panel to fit on the front of a new card, because I wasn’t feeling like chopping up another card base today, and adhered a strip of the plaid pattern I had created. It didn’t look too bad as a section of the front – just not the whole thing. I stuck on the sentiment from the original card with some of my favorite foam squares, and sprinkled around some of those enamel dots (from Recollections).


I love the look of a single rounded corner, so I chomped off the top right one because the space on that side seemed a little too blank for me, and then I adhered the panel onto the backing. I thought about adding more shiny stuff to it, but I think I might just need one more dot in the bottom left hand corner to balance it out. 🙂


Thanks for stopping by!

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 9.22.07 PM





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