Love & Hearts

I have this watermelon color quilling paper in my shop that I absolutely love. It’s kind of a cross between a light red and dark pink, but it’s perfect for making hearts and goes really well with a nice teal or green. For this card though, I pulled out a light grayish color for the background. 


I started this one with an A2 white card base (PTI) and layered on the grey with my tape gun. I cut a 2.5′ piece of that REALLY nice wood grain cardstock and decided to die cut the “love you” from the top right hand corner of it. If you do this, don’t forget to save all the pieces you cut, so you can add back the letter centers when you put it all together.

Also, don’t save them next to your elbow. Ask me how I know.  🙂

I had a 2″ piece of Berrylicious (Bazzill) kicking around my desk, so I tucked that under the area I die cut to help it stand out more, then attached the panel with foam squares. A tip: it’s much easier to snip the foam squares if you need halves while they are still on the backing. Otherwise, you’ll probably find those on your elbow too.

This is the time-consuming part  – the quilling. You’ll need 1/8″ width strips for four 10″ teardrops, and six 7″ teardrops to make the larger hearts. If you’re not familiar with how to quill, there are lots of places on the web where you can find instructions. I will post the ‘value menu’ version for your perusal later this week. 


Once you have your teardrops made, simply stick them together in pairs with a little dab of glue on the pointed ends. Pinch a hold for a few seconds, bend the adhered tips a little to one side and violà! Set those aside, and get three 1″ pieces of 1/16″ (narrow) quilling paper ( if you’re real handy with some precision tip scissors, you can cut these lengthwise from your 1/8″ strips). Fold them in half, then use your fingers or a slotted quilling tool to curl the ends in toward the fold. This might take a little messing with to get right, but keep going – once you get the hang of it, make a bunch of extras to stick on your paper crafts and such. You’ll be happy you did.

Stick your finished quill bits onto the card in whatever pattern you like. I use Multi Medium by Claudine Hellmuth to adhere quillwork, as it’s not that tacky at first. I can smear a layer of it on scrap paper and dip my pieces into it; it doesn’t pull out my centers like tacky glue does and it’s virtually invisible once it dries.

Here’s the supply list for this project. Thanks for stopping by!

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 9.22.07 PM





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